Friday, 5 July 2013


It was with great excitement that Jonathan and our photographer (daughter Polly!) set off to the launch of Ideaworks new Experience Centre on Wigmore Street.
We were introduced to Ideaworks by Andrew Zulver, to work with him to develop the brand positioning for the company as it refreshed to acknowledge its changing focus. Formally called 'Sound Ideas', the members of the company felt that this rather undersold their offer. They deliver the most wonderfully integrated interiors that, frankly, are quite mind-blowing.
Jonathan with Operations Director of Ideaworks, Chris Jones
The directors were a delight to work with, and everyone in the company was engaged, enthusiastic and above all highly talented. Their level of skill and attention to detail is both reassuring and impressive.
We worked closely with the team to realign their positioning and develop a name that linked to their very successful past and would fit them for wider vistas in the future - all about being amazing inside.  Zulver & Co went on to design and implement the inspired identity.
The evening was full of amazingness. In the window was an installation by leading international glass and chandelier designers Lasvit, ‘Superclover’ designed by Michael Young. An apparently living wall of jelly fish and one of the highest specification accessible private cinemas outside of the US, with the 4D effect of rumbling seats,were a couple of the highlights.
However the overwhelming message is one of seamlessness and ease. Rather than being a celebration of gadgetry, Ideaworks is all about empathy and simplicity. Their drivers are about frictionless experience - what sort of light would you like, how would you like your entertainment, what mood do you want to create? They are highly sensitive to individual customers and dedicated to making the user-experience as simple as possible, whilst mood creation makes the 'tech' invisible. Polly's text to me while she was there, "This place is amazing – I’m moving in."
Proud brand strategist and naming guru
Ideaworks will be hosting regular evening events at the Experience Centre, the next being an exciting new installation from Melogranoblu on the 18th July. For more information on the next event please follow the link.

The Experience Centre is now available for viewing by appointment. Please contact should you wish to experience amazing inside.