Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Here’s one we almost forgot about...


We have been working with Sony for a few years now naming computer games, and one we were particularly proud of was MotorStorm for the Playstation 3 – a top seller in Europe (and everywhere else for all we know). A year ago our client rang us up and said we had a week to come up with the sequel.

Much scratching of heads and game playing took place (strictly for research purposes you understand) and our list of names was dutifully despatched.

Due to various conference/presentation client complications our client told us the final decision was on hold, but he would definitely get back to us when the powers that be let him know what name they would be going with.

We promptly forgot all about it as other assignments took our attention, and before we knew it – there it wasMotorStorm Pacific Rift – and it’s one of ours!

Now all we need to do is send off the invoice for the success fee…