Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Screw up your business card

The coolest business card?
Martin Lindstrom's recent article in Fast Company challenges everyone to consider their business card as a vehicle for the essence of their brand. His rule of thumb for a well-managed brand states, "If a brand can describe its core values and philosophy on its business card without resorting to a detailed description, then the brand becomes a full representation of its vision."

In order to create such a compelling brand ambassador you need to 'crack the code of creativity.' We are absolute advocates of the use of creative thinking, problem solving and excellent design skills to fulfil the brief of the business card as brand billboard, making it stand out from the crowd, be remembered and convey the very heart and soul of the brand.
The business card designed for Swanswell by johnson banks as part of our branding project is just such an example of creative genius. The cards arrive in a little pad. When a Swanswell person wants to hand one out - it involves a little performance: they remove a card from the pad, scrunch up one end, then hand over a half-crumpled business card. A physical demonstration of their logo and their brand vision, 'change and be happy'- uncrumpling lives.

Brand success is, to paraphrase Lindstrom,  all about staying on message and maintaining focus on your core vision - all the time - in every situation - predictable and unpredictable.