Friday, 4 February 2011

Specific Customer Service

What a great feeling! A shopkeeper who knows you, responds to your needs and provides what you want.

Any of you who have, have had or have been, an eight year old girl will know that there is a certain specificity about the things she will or will not use (or indeed will or will not do). My daughter has very specific requests for her toothpaste and vitamin tablets. Our local pharmacy, not more than 100 yards away, was our main source of Punch and Judy, strawberry flavour toothpaste, and it is hard to find elsewhere. When it was out of stock, my heart sank, but Nilish said, 'Would you like us to order some?' So just now I have returned from the shop bearing the correct oral hygiene product and the desired chewy vitamins, also specially ordered.

He also delivers your prescriptions to your door.

A clue to brand behaviour at all levels.